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The Nordic Journal of Political Economy (NOPEC) publishes articles that integrate economic and social research with special relevance for policy issues. Past volumes of NOPEC have published high-quality articles from invited authors. Beginning with volume 26 NOPEC also welcomes contributed papers.

Papers are invited from all areas of economics. Papers should comply with the editorial policy of the journal, which attaches particular weight to:
*Papers that are relevant for political end normative issues.
*Survey papers for a general audience of economists and social scientists.
*Interdisciplinary papers
*Empirical research from the Nordic countries

The journal emphasises clarity of style. We rarely publish excessive mathematical papers and papers addressing technical aspects of modelling and econometrics. All papers are refereed. The language of the journal is English. A stylesheet is available here.

To submit your paper, send a pdf file to. The NOPEC Editor